Cyanure art design

our universe

Where imagination is the eye of the soul


Cyanure is the crucible of my artistic passions, the endpoint of a journey interlacing paths, each complete in and of themselves, yet all united under the same creative vision.

Cyanure is my banner.

Whether through drawing, painting, design or jewelry, materials are the key to my art where structure takes a dominating position. Simplicity in complex composition, are the distinguishing marks of my intentions. interbreeding seeps through my work, bringing together opposites in search for equilibrium where none seem to reside naturally.

The art of jewelry transposes my vision into small unique objects to be worn. With gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones, those small charming and desirable art works are the fruits of a passion anchored in the artisan’s knowledge, know-how, dexterity and patience.

-Julie Levasseur, Founder and Artist Goldsmith